Friday, February 17, 2012

Naksan Beach, Korea

Naksan Beach is located beside the Naksansa Temple and just in 10 minutes walk.  

Naksan Beach is a famous tourist attraction, this is because of the clean white sand, low water depth, various convenience facilities, thick pine forests and the Korean temples.    

Naksan Beach Hotel and Seafood Restaurant are easy to locate and just in 5 minutes car ride.

Souvenir Shop
Seafood Restaurant



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Naksansa Temple, Korea

Naksansa Temple (낙산사) is a Korean Buddhist temple.  It is located between Sokcho and Yangyang

From the top of Naksansa Temple, you can enjoy the Sea of Japan scenery.  Besides, you will be able to hear the sound of wooden gong with east sea and meet national treasures. 

taking a bus to Naksansa Temple
Naksansa Temple

temple above the cave

Souvenir Shop


Naksansa's 7 storied stone pagoda, Naksansa Chilcheung Seoktap

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sokcho Korea

Sokcho (속초) is a city in Gangwon-do province, South Korea and also a well-known gateway to nearby Seoraksan National Park. 

The city attraction is not only because of  Seoraksan National Park, but also because of its fine fishery products. The beach of Sokcho has a good reputation, although it is only open for 42 days every year. 

There are few natural hot springs in Sokcho have been developed into spas and swimming halls. 

Besides hot spring, there are also golf courses which are popular because of their natural surroundings.

Highway Toll

in the express bus


Express bus to Sokcho
Food Stall

Petrol Station

Sokcho Bus Station

The House Hostel

Owner of The House

Sokcho Town
Mini Market
Sokcho Street
Bus Stop

Sokcho Port
Police Cruise



Sokcho Market

Fish Market

Korean smart guy ^.^

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